Amenities & Facilities

We do not give you just rooms to stay. We give you an environment so you can experience the best while on a holiday with us. Walk into our hotel and enjoy a refreshing, rejuvenating, day-off with us.


We offer a number of amenities to help you stay comfortable and enjoy your stay with us!

Community Lounge

Experience a warm cup of coffee every morning with a relaxing lounge to prepare for your day.


We offer an open community laundromat so you don't have to worry about getting dirty in your daily adventure!

Luxurious Rooms

Our rooms are more than just a place to stay. The relaxing ambience will keep you happy all through.

Barbeque and Community Area

Spend time outside enjoying the weather in our patio equipped with a barbeque, picnic table and table.

Guest WiFi

We offer special WiFi for guests who’d like to stay connected while on vacation.

24 Hour Help

We are one phone call away to help you stay comfortable while enjoying your home away from home.

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